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Top Wonders of Ajanata Ellora Caves

11 Top Attractions to Look for in Ajanata Ellora Caves


                                                                           Wonders of Ajanata Ellora Caves

 Ajanata Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves, located at a distance of 30 km from Aurangabad City of India, discovered in the period between 5th and 10th century AD. Listed in the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, these historic caves are carved out of one peace rock, so also addressed as Rock Cut Caves

The Ajanta Caves, located at a distance of 40 km from Jalgaon, are another masterpiece of rock cut caves in the world.  Displaying the epic of Buddhism in the form of sculptures and statues from 200 BC to 650 AD. Listed in World Heritage Sites in Maharashtra, these are the cluster of  30 caves. 

Look for the Buddhist Caves which  are one of the earliest sculptures in Ellora. These statues were  created between 5th and 8th centuries. Visit the  Caves 1 to 5 that are excavated between 400 AD and 600 AD, while the caves 6 to 12 were excavated between mid 7th and mid 8th centuries. These caves are mostly known as Viharas... 

The most exotic Kailash Temple is  Cave 16, which is most visited by tourist. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the major thing to look at is the  largest rock-cut temple in the world made from the 3 million cubic feet of rock. 

The Hindu Caves in Ellora are constructed in mid 6th  and end of 8th century. Spend some time for caves 17 to 29 as they are rated as the early caves that were constructed during the Kalachuri period. Caves 14, 15 and 16 dates back to the Rashtrakuta period.   

The  architecture in Jain Caves at Ellora is as old as 9th and 10th century. Visit the five Jain temples in Ellora which belong to the Digambara cult. The major attraction in the temple is popular Jain shrine is the Chhota Kailash, which is Cave 30. The two-storied Indra Sabha (Cave 32) and the Jagannath Sabha (Cave 33) are not to be missed structures.

Ajanta Cave 27 is again not to be missed site. It has a Naga Dwarpala ( Huge Gate ) on the outer side of the temple. The doorway of the temple resembles the shrine doorway of cave 2.

Ajanta Cave 21 main attraction is a huge gathering hall dates back to 5th and 6th century AD. The gallery of the hall opens into a court which is supported by 26 pillars, which is definitely a site to look for.

The main attractions of Ajanta Cave 1 is its construction of horse-shoe shaped scarp. Pay attention to the  intricate carvings on its walls and ceiling  narrating the story on the life Lord Buddha

Ajanta Cave 9  is famous for its massive gathering hall and early paintings, namely the Frieze of Animals and Herdsmen Naga Worshippers. Watch the outside view from the Giant Horseshoe Window on the fa├žade full of  carving. 

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Ajanta Cave 2, is just lies besides to Cave 1, are worth a visit for its famous paintings on its walls, ceilings and pillars. This cave has pillared lobby on both the ends and a porch, which is supported by pillars that are ornamented with design. 

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Dubai Best Shopping Attractions

The Dubai Mall | Everything you Desire – What to do in Dubai

   Dubai a Complete Shopping Mart
If you think of shopping, Dubai is only such country that that quench the thirst of shopaholics with its diverse variety of products and in reasonable price. The  word Souk is used in Arabic for a ‘market place’. There are malls that caters to individual products, and so there are malls with names like Garments souk, Gold souk, Electronics souk and Spice souk and much more. These markets have their own traditional feel with every tinch of modernity around it.

Some of the main shopping areas in Dubai include-


1. Khan Murjan Market –
 Location - AL Garhood.
Famous For – Famous for the variety of handicrafts items.



2. Souk Al Bahar-
Location - Burj, Dubai.
Famous For -  Modern Market with variety of shopping outlets and restaurants.



3. Gold Souk-  According to the Dubai City Guide about  25 tones of gold is showcased in the windows of its 600 plus gold shops every day.
Location  –  ‘Gold Souk’ in Deira
Famous For -  Buying  of Gold in bulk for commercial purposes. And for retail purposes,  varieties of rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets are available at very reasonable prices.



4. Spice Souk-  Spice aroma takes any bodies breath away, and can mesmerize you to an extent that you indulge in buying.  Feel this experience of a walk in the Spice Souk.

Famous For – Variety of  spices are available for bulk buying,  cinamon, ginger, yellow saffron and cloves are every ones best buy. Other items include special herbs and perfumed oils which offer medicational benefits.



 5. Meena Bazaar -  It is  the most famous market for ladies. The array of shops have bustling, shimmering garments for all occasions, for bridal, for parties and festivals.

 Viist Dubai

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Visiting Kanyakumari In Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari is considered to be the last corner of India, the most extreme point where the Indian land finishes. Apart from this the most important aspect of the place goes back to historic times. Yes this famous city of Tamilnadu is an important chapter of ancient Indian history.

According to myths it is believed that Kanyakumari is the place where Goddess Parvati dropped her pooja thali, thus making the sand here colorful. People from different parts of the world come here to see these beautiful sandy shore of Kanykumari that changes color during day time.

One can also see the famous Kanyakumari temple and Vivekanand Rock memorial on your trip. So plan a trip and explore this beautiful land.

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Navratri Festival Celebrations - Jai Mata Di

Zor se bolo Jai Mata Di, Saare bolo Jai Mata Di, yes its time to chant this as it is time to celebrate the Navratri festival. This festival marks the beginning of series of festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Bhai Dooj.

This 9 day Navratri festival is an auspicious time of fasting and also a time to brush out your Dandiya dance skills. For whole 9 days devotees observe fasting, eat satvik food and at end their fast with Kanjak. A time of fun and to devout in the bhakti of Devi Ma. Lets explore some interesting facets of the festivals through these pics.

Maa Durga

Dandiya Dance

Navratri Kalash

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2012 Ganesh Chaturthi Festival : India Travel

Ganesha festival is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Ganesh and this festival Celebrated in all over India. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrated August or early September month of Bhadrapada. Ganesh Chaturthi Mostly Celebrated in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and Best locations to experience the festival is the Mumbai city India."Ganpati Bappa Moriya, Pudcha varshi loukar ya" Hail Lord Ganpati.

India Travel provide best place and destinations in 20120 Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi festival in India and how it's celebrated in this Ganesh festival guide to visits India.

  Ganesh Chaturthi festival

  Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai