Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Situated in the central part of country, Chattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh state. It shares boundary with states like Maharasthra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. This beautiful state is quite rich in mineral and forest assets. Major part of the state come under Vindhyachal range forest. Quite naturally most region of state is covered by forests. Two majestic river Mahanadi and Narmada flows through the state. Rihand, Indravati, Jonk and Arpa are some other popular river of state.

Since ancient days Chattisgarh has been part of every major kingdom which ruled Vindya area. Though famous empires like Magadha ruled this region, they would not influence lifestyle of ordinary tribal people as area is quite inaccessible. Kalchuris were the last rulers to rule the region till 19th century. When their dominance declined various tribe chieftain fought with each other to gain foothold over the region. Chattisgarh has high tribal population who fiercely protect their culture and traditions. These tribal people have rich culture and heritage. They mostly live in the dense jungle with some of them even today remaining untouched by the modernity.

Main Attractions

Chattisgarh is still a land of unexplored. This virgin land is encompassed with dense forests, picturesque waterfalls, scenic plateaus and majestic rivers. 42% of state's land is covered by the forest area. Tourist attractions in Chattisgarh comprises of tribal tourism, history, nature and wildlife. Major tourist destinations of state are Amarkantak, Banjari Baba, Bhoramdev, Champaranya, Chitrakoot, Dudhadharimath, Indravati National Park, Bastar, etc. Indravati national park established in the year 1975 is located near Indravati river. This park is quite rich in natural beauty which comprised of hill ranges, tropical deciduous forests and are home to many awesome wild animals. Some of the wild animals found here are tiger, sloth bear, panther, wild buffaloes, hill mynah, sambhar, wild boar, etc.

State capital Raipur is one of the major tourist attractions. This city is considered to be the India's biggest iron ore market. Another famous tourist attractions of state is Chitrakot waterfalls. This magnificent waterfalls is located 38 km to the west of Jagdalpur town. Attaining the height of 100ft, often it is considered as mini Niagara as it acquires horse-shoe shape. Sleepy town Kawardha is best destination to get up close with nature and tribal people. Royal palace of Kawardha is one of the most famous tourist attractions of state. Bastar is the most prominent attraction offering deep sight into tribal way of life. You can check out various traditional handicrafts made of wood and metal in Bastar. Beside these there are so many more tourist attractions in Chattisgarh. The natural beauty and tribal culture together form a great combo for your unforgettable tour to this enigmatically beautiful state.

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