Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Each and every state of India has its own specialty. Orissa is special for its temples, beaches, dance and Ikkat sarees. Situated in the Eastern part of India the state Orissa has many interesting places like -Bhubeneshwar, Puri, Konark, Chilika, Cuttak, Rourkela, Sambalpur and many more. The lush green of Orissa is the home of many birds and Royal Bengal Tiger.

The famous cities of Orissa

Bhubeneshwar – The capital of Orissa is also known as the city of temples. This city is an perfect blend of present and past. The beautiful temples and modern entertainment has made the place a favourite tourist destination.
Puri – Famous for its Ratha yatra, the place Puri is also called the abode of Lord Jagannath. Puri is famous for its beach. Both pilgrims and pleasure seekers visit this land of Jagannath. The beaches of Puri is amazingly beautiful and wild.
Konark – The venue of famous Konark dance festival, Konark Sun Temple attracts lots of tourists everyday not only for its huge size but also for its erotic sculpture. Another famous attraction of the place is chandrabhaga beach.
Chilika – The largest brackish water lake of Asia is Chilika. Tourists also come here to see the wide variety of birds during winter. The dolphin in the Chilika lake are famous for their tricks.
Cuttack – Cuttack is also called the millennium city. It is one of the developing cities in Orissa.

Orissa is a wonderful state in India filled with exquisite temples and wonderful monuments. It is a home to many prolofic artists and craftsman. The wild life of Orissa including Royal Bengal Tiger, landscape, birds, water, temple, arts all these things has made the state an enchanting land for the tourist.Every year specially during Rath Yatra, Orissa become the host for huge number of tourists. Another famous attractions of Orissa is Konark dance festival. During the festival artists around the world join their to give their best performances.

Frankly speaking Orissa is yet to be discovered by the tourists properly. The lush green forest, other than the famous beaches are still waiting to be explored. Orissa is a very cultured state. Oriya people are very religious minded and help the tourists to make the place at ease. The Ikkat silk of Orissa are world famous. Tourists should not forget to buy the famous silk and cotton of Orissa.

Orissa is welconnected from all the major cities of India. And there are a good number of decent hotels available in all the places of Orissa. But for Puri it is better to book the hotel before arrival to get the better view of the sea.

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