Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This beautiful state inhabited by adoring Naga people is laced with enchanting natural beauty. Covering an area of around 16,488, Nagaland is bordered by Assam in the north, Burma in the west, Arunachal Pradesh in east and Manipur in the south. This state is dominated by Naga tribe and major population are Christian. Nagaland was created as separate state in the year 1963. Kohima is the state capital and Dimapur is the largest city. Nagaland is a mountainous state and has largely monsoon climate. The state receives heavy rainfall during monsoon season.

Nagaland is inhabited by more than 14 tribes. Some of the important tribes are Angami, Ao, Phom, Pochury, Lothas, etc. Most of these tribes are Christians and strictly follow their traditional customs. These tribal people are honest, simple, hard working and strongly built. They have rich traditions and cultures. They are known for their brilliant bamboo works and wood carvings. Weaving is an important part of Naga tribe and they produce numerous colourful shawls. War dance is an important way for these Naga people to express themselves. Some of the famous dance forms of Nagaland are Moatsu, Sekrenyi, Tuluni, Tokhu Emong and Gan-Ngai.

Attractions of Nagaland

Being hilly state Nagaland boasts of some incredibly beautiful place. State has been blessed with rich flora and fauna. It is the melting point of sub-Himalayan, Indian, Chinese and Burmese type of fauna. Wild animals like tigers, barking deer, sambar, monkeys, jackals, wild buffaloes, wild pigs, etc can be found in the jungles of Nagaland. Bamboo groves is extensively found in various parts of state. Different species of plants like Mesuaferrea, Careyaarbotrea, Fiscus electica, chestnut, birch, etc is find in the forest of Nagaland.

Handicrafts is also an important attraction of Nagaland. Hand woven tribal shawls, mekhelas(Sarongs) and hand bags are quite popular among the visitors. Several items made of bamboo and cane are very popular too. Nagaland has many interesting tourist destinations like Kohima, Dzukou valley, Japfu Peak, Khonoma, Kohima village, etc. Stare capital Kohima is also a major tourist attractions. Situated at 1444.12 metre above sea level, Kohima enjoys favourable climate through out the year. Kohima war cemetery dedicated to soldier killed during Japanese attack in second world war is a great place for few quite moment with yourself and your family.

Kohima village considered to be one of the largest in Asia is the prized tourist attraction of state capital. Dzukou valley situated at an altitude of 2438 metre above sea level is fantastic destination for the nature lovers. Encompassed by hills, caves and rocks this place is an ideal destination for camping and trekking activities.

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