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Sikkim is a Himalayan Jewel situated in eastern Himalayan region. Sikkim lies between Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and West Bengal, India. Sikkim is known for its Buddhist culture, towering mountains, flora and fauna.
Buddhism is the popular religion in Sikkim and there are about 200 Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim. State is the best place in India to learn Tibetology. The monasteries of Sikkim are the best place to view the art and culture of the state. Some of the most visited monasteries of Sikkim are Rumtek monastery, Pemayangtse monastery and Enchey monastery. These monasteries hold many sacred books and manuscripts which makes them a must visit for Buddhist pilgrims.
Sikkim is densely covered by forests and jungles. About 40% of the land of Sikkim is under dense forest cover. There are about 4000 types of flowering plants and shrubs found in Sikkim. Sikkim is known for its Orchids. Some of the variety of Orchids found in Sikkim are Cattlelyas, Hooheriana, Dendrobiums, Cymbidiums, and Far Amoneum. Figs, laurel, bamboos and sal trees are found in abundance. Also, oak, chestnut, magnolia and brich alder are quite commonly found in the Himalayan state of Sikkim.
Fauna of Sikkim is as diverse as its flora. There are about 500 species of avifauna and 600 species of butterflies that are found here. Snow leopard, musk deer, red panda and Himalayan black bear are some of the mammal species which can be spotted in the wildlife sanctuaries of Sikkim.
Adventure in Sikkim
Sikkim is haven for adventure lovers, simple reason being the variety and exquisiteness it possesses. Fast flowing rivers and high flying mountains makes it an ideal destination for enjoying number of adventure sports.
Rugged terrain of Sikkim offer number of trekking routes and options to the trekkers. Trek routes of Sikkim takes you through most picturesque parts of Sikkim. Trekking in some of the regions of Sikkim is restricted and you need to take permission from the government for trekking. Most of the treks here start from 2000 m and goes up to 5000 m. Best time for trekking in Sikkim is March to June and September to November.
Fast flowing waters of Teesta and Rangit rivers offer great opportunity to enjoy whitewater rafting in Sikkim. There are long stretch of rapids in these rivers which offer great time for the rafters. Makhna-Sirwani-Bardang-Rangpo and Saikip-Jorethang-Majitar-Melli are two rafting routes in Sikkim. May to November is the best time to raft in Sikkim.

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