Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kanya Kumari

Kanya Kumari, the meeting point of three rivers Indian ocean, the Bay of Bengal and, the Arabian sea is located at the Southern most tip of India. It is considered as one of the famous Hindu pilgrimage centre in India. Beside its importance as a pilgrimage centre it attracts tourists for its beautiful views of sunrise and sun set over the sea. The dawn of Kanya kumari is so beautiful that it is a must do activity to view the sun rise. Another special characteristics of Kanya Kumari is the multi coloured sands of the beaches, which is unique unlike other beaches of India. Kanya Kumari has always been a great centre for art, culture, civilization and pilgrimage for years.

Attractions of the city
– The main attractions of the place is the Vivekananda rock, where Swami Vivekananda is said to have sat in deep meditation and stands the famous rock. There is a meditation centre on the rock where one can sit in meditation in serene
tranquil atmosphere. This place is amazingly wonderful. Here also lies the foot print of Devi Parvati. She is the protector of India's shore and the exceptionally brilliant diamond on her nose ring is also world famous for its sparking flavour. Frequent ferry services are available from the shore to reach the rock. Adjacent to Vivekananda rock there is also a recently built memorial to Tiruvalluvar, the author of the philosophical work Tirukkural - a treatise on the Indian way of life.
On the shore of the sea lies the temple dedicated to Devi Kanya Kumari incarnation of Devi Parvati, which lures pilgrims because of sanity. Another attractions of Kanya Kumari is the Gandhi Memorial, it is a spot where the urn containing the Mahatma's ashes was kept for public viewing before immersion.
The beaches of Kanya Kumari are also equally attractive. Folks of tourists visit there to take a dip in to the confluence of three rivers. And such experience is really a once in life time achievements.
Kanya Kumari is a small but a wonderful city on the lap of sea. There are so many other temples with in the city and near by. It is one of the very few places on earth where you can enjoy sun rise and sun set on sea. Is an amazing place to indulge yourself in meditation sun bathing.

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