Monday, December 3, 2007

Travel Tips for India

India is one of world’s most visited tourist destination and draws tourists from all corner of globe. World’s one of the biggest country, India offers plethora of options for tourist. You may chose your vacation according to your choice that is available in various themes like adventure, culture, history, romance, beach etc. For enjoying this vacation options you have to visit different parts of this vast country. Hence, for safe and hassle free journey across India you need to be aware about some basic facts. For your convenience and memorable vacation I am providing some handy travel tips here.

What to Buy
Shopping in India is delightful experience. You will find everything from A to Z in markets of India. Some of the shopping specialties of India include the art and crafts items, handloom, leather items, shoes, sweets, cotton clothes etc. Apart from these, do not forget to check out locally made items. Shop as much as possible during your trip to any destination of India. Always remember that good bargain if offered in most of the street side shops and small markets.

Where to Shop
India is a shopper’s paradise, all the cities and small towns have defined shopping areas. From the big shopping malls to small street shops you will find everything in India. Besides permanent shopping centres, you will also find weekly market places in India. So rush to nearest shopping centre to buy items of your choice.

What to Wear
Nudity is not allowed in India and married women prefer complete veil. Respect the Indian culture and women are suggested to maintain the modesty. India is a big country and the weather differs in different regions. Enquire about the weather in advance and carry sufficient clothes according the climatic conditions. During winter months of November to February, the weather remains cold so carry woolen clothes, jackets and blankets. During summers and rainy season light weight cotton is best. For foot wear – shoes and comfortable sandals are suitable. Do not move bare foot because you may get infected by disease.

Driving License
You need an International Driving License that can be obtained through the assistance of automobile association. Even if you are not planning to drive on your in India, carry your driving license with photo for identification.

Documents to Carry
Carry the original as well as xerox copy of your passport, travel visas, airline tickets and essential travel documents. Also prepare a list of any charge or credit cards you are carrying during your trip to India.

Purchase Travel Insurance Plans
You are advised to purchase special Travel insurance and medical evaluation plan programmes.
Food and Drinking Water
Always take food from good hotels or restaurant. Wash fruits before eating them. Avoid foods which have been laid out in the open, avoid sweets and candies from local markets. Try to avoid drinking water from an unknown source it may be contaminated. Better you ask for packaged drinking water like Bisleri, Aqua Fina, Kinley, Rail Neer, Kingfisher etc. always check the seal. For more precaution carry water purifying tablets.

Safety Tips
Take utmost care of your belongings, as there are chances of stealing. Use the lock boxes or bags to keep your belongings and travel documents safe. Always take care of your wallet, purse, bags, suitcases and other things. Never leave your luggage, briefcase or other belongings unattended.

Indian Railways offer several superfast and mail trains for all the important places of India. Avoid travelling in the Second Class, because the bogies remain crowded. AC or Sleeper bogies are good to travel. Buses including Deluxe, Volvo, Coach etc. also ply all over India. Cars, Taxis and Auto Rickshaws are modes of local transport and they are available from all hotels, railway stations and bus stands. Always negotiate the fare before starting your journey. It is advised to use only authorized and properly identified taxis, auto rickshaws and buses. In case of complaints against taxi or auto-rickshaw driver for overcharging or cheating, note down the vehicle number and lodge a report with Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic). You can get the important Contact Phone Numbers in Telephone Directory.

In India the standard voltage used in 220 volts. If your appliances do not match this standard, you can buy a converter from any of the electric shops. Current Spikes are very common in India so use a spike buster.

Chemists / Pharmacies
Chemists are available at almost every place (city, town, village etc.) where you can buy medicines. In case you fell ill and need to see a doctor, ask for help from your hotel or your tour operator. In India the cost of visiting a doctor is fairly low in comparison to western countries. Most importantly, in some areas of India Malaria is still prevalent. So, prior to your departure, get a prescription from your doctor for some anti malarial tablets.

Essential Things You Should Carry
Do remember to carry some insect repellent, mosquito coils or even an electronic repellent, because mosquitos can be fierce in India. Carry sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat to avoid the sun burn and sun stork.

Respect Religious Shrines
Majority of the Indian people are religious and they have great respect for religious shrines and places of worship. Always respect the religious shrines and places of worship during your visit to India. You need a decent dress code for visiting some religious places. Always take care and do not try to violate any taboos in a mosque or a temple.

Money Exchange
Change currency only from authorized moneychangers in India. Do remember to keep the money exchange receipts after every transaction. You will need those receipts for re-exchange on departure.Offering TipTipping is a matter of your personal discretion. Usually bills include a service charge, it is customary to tip in restaurants and other places that cater to tourists.

Photography Rules
In India there are some rules regarding photography. Always look for notification before clicking the photos. Normally photography is prohibited in places of military importance, railway stations, bridges, airports etc.

What to do while in trouble
If you ever land in any kind of trouble, then immediately contact your Embassy and nearest police station. Always talk with the Senior Inspector in Charge of any police station, as he is the top officer.

Credit Cards Accepted in India
American Express, Master Charge, Visa and Diners Club credit cards are generally accepted by large establishments of India including hotels, shops, and airlines.

For Any Help Contact : Ministry of Tourism Help Desk.


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