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Gwalior is a land of forts and palaces in Madhya Pradesh. The whole city is a visual and aesthetic feast or can be called a picture perfect land. Gwalior is a city of historical importance. The city is blessed by classical music maestro Miya Tan Sen. This place is patronised by many great rulers. And the memories of the mighty past have been preserved with care in great palaces and museums.

Interesting places

The most magnificent monument of Gwalior is The Fort. This sand stone fort dominates the whole city and it had been described by Babar as 'the pearl amongst the fortresses of Hind'. The outer wall of the fort is 35 feet high and 2 miles long. With in the fort is the Gujari Mahal of medieval architecture. It was a monument of love by Raja Mansingh Tomar for Mrignayani. The mahal has been converted into an archaeological museum. Another interesting place is JaiVilas palace and museum, current residence of Scindia family. The Scindia museum gives us an idea about the royal India. Tan Sen's Tomb is an important monument in Gwalior and it is a part of Gwalior's cultural heritage. Every year during November or December renowned artists perform there to pay tribute to Tan Sen.

Art and culture
The art and culture of Gwalior is a fusion of modern and classical. The mural art of Gwalior is very famous as it was acknowledged as the worlds largest indoor murals by Guinness Book of Records. Gwalior is famous for its classical music. Many famous Indian classical singers are from Gwalior. The people of Gwalior celebrate all the famous festivals of India including Holi and Diwali. But Rang panchami and Ganesh chaturthi are celebrated in Gwalior in a completely different way.

Shivpuri is a place near Gwalior where tourists can enjoy the serene beauty of nature. The famous river Chambal near Gwalior is another spot of tourists' attractions for its variety of aquatic life. On the Gwalior Jhansi road there is Pawaya which bears the ruins of ancient India.
Unless one happen to be in Gwalior during a special event there is not much to do except sight seeing. Tourists can have a walk on the streets and by lanes to absorb the flavour of the city and can enjoy the famous Gajak of Gwalior.

Getting there

Gwalior is fairly well connected from all the places of Madhya Pradesh and important places of India. From Delhi, Indore and Bhopal regular flights are also available for Gwalior.

Staying there

There is plenty of accommodation in Gwalior in different types of hotels, so staying there is not at all trouble some.

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