Monday, March 29, 2010

Explore Orchha...Explore Medieval Indian Architecture

Wanna experience a walk in the royal ambiance? Visit Orchha in Madhya Pradesh and take a close look of the medieval Indian architecture. The less talked about tourist destination presents the glorious scene of erstwhile Bundela dynasty, established way back around 1048 AD.

Legend has it that, the dynasty was introduced by a Rajput King, Hemkaran's, who was an ardent devote of Goddess Vindhyavasini. His dedication towards the Goddess has blessed him with the title-'Bundela', meaning one who offered blood'. Later, in 16th century, the regime was defeated by Tughlags and and Orchha came under the administration of new rulers.

The legacy of Bundela can be understood even today. The sky-ward Chaturbhuj temple and a five-storied Jahangir Mahal are testimony to the bygone power and beauty. A note of interest is that, no cements is being used to construct the historic structure. Buildings are made up of lime and are valued for its finesse. Quite many a times, visitors revealed that, the spire cenotaphs depicts the saga of Bundela Kings.

The splendor of Orchha turns out in comparable when evening turns to dusk. The sun-setting behind the cenotaphs and the ripping water course of river Betwa romanticize the aura. This mesmerizing view can be enjoyed with standing on the arch bridge, build over the river. It in wide enough and photographers can adjust their tripod at ease.

How to reach Orchha

Jhansi Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Orchha. After an overnight train journey, take a 45-min drive through the countryside. Orccha is just on the way.

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  1. Orcha, one of the ancient city situated on the bank of Betwa. This place is famous for Raja Ram Temple and various other historical monuments. Orcha was founded in 16th Century by the Bundela Chieftain, Rudra Pratap Singh.