Friday, June 10, 2011

Top Adventure Sports in India

Adventure in India thrills every enthusiast. With more than 3000 km long coastline, India is most preferred spot for the water sports in India. Experience the thrill of exploring great Himalayan regions in your India adventure trip.

Water Sports in India
Explore the wonders of under water by indulging in water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving in India and lots more.

Mountain biking in India
Riding a bicycle through rough and smooth, warm and wet, road or path on mountains is one of the thrilling adventurous sports in India. There are plenty of mountain biking trails for those who are curious to explore unknown paths.

Mountaineering in India
Climbing on rough and hard surface of mountains is thrilling as well as exciting. The challenge of a good climb is hard to withstand. But once you conquer the rock faces and heights, it gives the unbelievable happiness and satisfaction.

Winter Sports in India
Winters is the time to reach to the snow covered regions and catch the snow skiing adventure. Explore some stunning mountains and snowy trails.

Mountain Climbing in India
India is a dream destination for the adventurous people who love mountain climbing just for fun and enjoyment. It is a favorite sport for the daring and adventure Lurks.

White Water Rafting in India
Indulge in thrilling water rafting adventure to experience the tremendous joy of playing with the waves. Hordes of people enjoy water rafting in Rishikesh and other water rafting destinations.

Para gliding in India
Fulfill your dream of flying free as a bird by joining the most thrilling adventurous sport – Para gliding.

Wildlife Safari in India
Enjoy jeep safari or elephant safari in India to travel deep inside the Indian forests. Explore varied species of flora and fauna.

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