Monday, October 31, 2011

Madurai to Host A Beauty Contest With A Difference

This city of Tamil Nadu is known for its temples, specially the Meenakshi Temple that is dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi and boasts of having one of the largest temple complexes in India.

We are talking about Madurai, the city which is also known by the name of 'city of nectar' and is the second largest city of Tamil Nadu. However, today, we are not talking about its history or temples. Rather we are talking about the beauty contest that will soon be organised in this city. And this is no ordinary beauty contest that we hear about every now and then. It is a beauty contest with a difference.

No evening gowns round as this beauty contest is all about promoting traditional Tamil wear and makeup style. The more traditionally dressed contestant, the more the chances of winning. Also, the age group of this beauty contest will be different from usual. There will be three different category - below 30, below 50 and below 80.

The beauty contest will take part in the second week of November along with other events that will showcase the lifestyle of the farmers who are such an intrinsic part of the Indian economy.

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