Wednesday, July 20, 2011


India is a vast country of much diversity, different languages and lively people. Every year millions of travelers, from all around the globe get attracted to the magic of this country. For making your trip to India more comfortable and enjoyable Indetourisme is here for you. This portal especially caters to the need of french travelers to make their travel more memorable.

The real beauty of India lies in its hinterland, that can be explored with an exciting train tour (train inde). It is for sure that this tour will take you to another world that will sweep you off your feet. For adventure lovers there is lot more here. To pump up their adrenalin rush they can go on a trek tour (trek inde) or they can try their hands at desert safari (safari en inde).

Now we come to the North Inde or (Inde du Nord). Filled with so many colors, buzzing city life and travel attractions like Taj Mahal (Taj Mahal inde), this part is truly a paradise. North India is ideal for those who love to roam in the city streets, trying to know more about Indian culture or (Culture indienne). Also when in here do not forget to visit Jaipur, the most colorful city of India.

For those who are looking for peace, South India (Inde du Sud) is the perfect destination. The exotic beaches, serene hill stations and lush green valleys will welcome you here. Once you are here, its for sure that you do not want to go back. Here you can see some of the best creations of the nature.

So why are you waiting any more, immediately pack your bags and plan a trip to India. For info about the trip check out:

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  1. Every person who wishes to see Delhi has a crush on Tajmahal,in Agra..And when in comes to hotels in Agra ,the romance city of Shahjahan,hospitality is high class and ultimate exposure to comfort.