Monday, July 11, 2011

Visit Himalaya

With its lofty snow-white peaks and undefined virgin beauty the Himalayan mountains attract a number of visitors. Perched at the top of India, it is just like a crown to the country. The massive Himalayas mountain range separates Indian subcontinent from Tibet plateau.

Himalayan Tourism: Basically Himalayan ranges in Asia cover four major destinations, which are:





Indian Himalaya Destinations:
The entire Northern part of India is blessed with the magnificent Himalayan mountains, which cover five states of the country. These are Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim and North Eastern States.

Adorned with numerous Hindu pilgrimages, rich flora and fauna, deep and steep valleys, panoramic sights, the Indian Himalaya has always been the most preferred tourists spot.

Jammu & Kashmir:
Have you ever seen the heaven on earth? If no, then come to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is the state, where mother nature resides. The state can be categorized in three Himalayan Mountains regions – foothills plain area of Jammu, deep valleys of Kashmir and high altitudes barren and mountains of Ladakh. Summers are the best time to visit Leh Ladakh.

Adventures: Mountaineering, trekking, jeep safari, mountain cycling, river rafting, motorbike safari, kayaking and canoeing etc.

Himachal Pradesh: If you want to get rid off the hustle and bustle of day to day life and want to have some soothing moments in the lap of nature, then Himachal Pradesh is your cup of tea. Kulu Manali is one of the most visited attractions of Himachal Pradesh.

Adventures: Rock climbing, hang gliding, mountaineering, heli skiing etc.

Located in the Western Himalayan region Uttaranchal houses eight hill destinations. Dehradun (capital of the state), also known as Devbhumi comprises numerous tourists spots, waterfalls and pilgrimages. Besides Nainital, Ranikhet, Tihri, Valley of flowers are another major hill stations of the state.

Adventures: Trekking, camping, river rafting, jungle safari, rock climbing and mountain biking etc.

Sikkim is one of the smallest state of India, but the world's third highest peak-'Kangchenjunga' guards this state and highlights it as one of the major tourist destinations.

Adventures: Sikkim trekking, Yak safari, river rafting, mountaineering and kayaking are the major adventures of the state.

North Eastern States: These states are collectively also known as 'seven sisters', which are Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Tripura. These are the places, where you may experience the unexplored beauty of nature.

Adventure: Angling, boating, jungle safari, hiking, rafting and trekking.

Other Asian Himalayan Destinations:

Bhutan, also called as the 'Land of Thunder Dragon' or 'Druk Yul', is most popularly known for its mountainous region. Its snow covered high Himalayan altitudes vary from 23,000 feet to 7,000 m.

Adventures: Its rich vegetation, forests and steep slopes are the paradise for trekkers.

Tibet Tourism
: Located at an high altitude of 4,000 m, Tibet is called as the 'roof of the world'. It is a rich blend of nature and spiritualism.

Adventures: Trekking, mountaineering and jeep safari.

With its amazing geographical location, Nepal is a wonderful travel destination. The height of mountains in Nepal varies from 4877 m to 8848 m, having eight of the highest 14 summits. The world's highest mountain peak Mount Everest is also situated in Nepal.

Adventures: River rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering, angling, fishing, Himalaya base camp trek, skiing, wildlife safari, motorbike safari etc.

So plan your next holidays to magnificent Himalayan mountains and preserve the lifelong memories.


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